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Born and raised at the picturesque Medieval Castle of Doorwerth in the Netherlands, Stephan Brenninkmeijer grew up in rural Dutch cities before he studied at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam.

After graduating in 1992 with his short film "Rerun" his first project as editor was the much acclaimed TV-series "Called at the bar" (Pleidooi), which won the Nipkow disc and the Dutch Golden Calf award in 1993. As an editor he worked with directors such as the Academy Award winner Mike van Diem, Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Maarten Treurniet and many others. Both as editor and director he was one of the creative pillars of the successful TV series "Westenwind" in 1999. It won the prestigious Golden Televizier ring award.

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Barend & Van Dorp

With the release of the feature film "Swingers", Stephan Brenninkmeijer was invited to join the popular Daily Late Night show "Barend en van Dorp" together with Ellen van der Koogh.

Kemna casting scandal

Stephan Brenninkmeijer was a fierce opponent of the monopoly position of the casting agency Kemna Casting, which was at the heart of the #metoo scandal of its CEO Job Gosschalk.

Red Carpet Cannes 2018

Having a premiere in Cannes is already something special, but being ON the most famous Red Carpet in the world is even better. Marion Cotillard was checking out the tux.


Being a film director, portrait photography is Stephan Brenninkmeijer's quest for the story behind your eyes.
If you like what you see from this small collection, feel free to get in touch and negotiate a good price.

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