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"Burden" is in post productrion.

"BURDEN" tells the story of two Russian women living in The Netherlands. Each of them carries her own burden of unjustified expectations and their own stubbornness.

Script: Anna Elenkina.


48 Hours Film Project 2020.

WINNER: Best Actress / Best Camera / Best Sound

During a minor traffic accident in Amsterdam, a woman discovers that her life is hopelessly stuck. A beautiful stranger awakens her and changes her life forever.


48 Hours Film Project 2019.

WINNER: Best Line

Single mom Nina and her daughter Simone make a tight family. When Simone meets the mysterious Charlie, their relationship is put to the test.

Script: Dick van den Heuvel.


48 Hours Film Project 2019.

WINNER: Best Actress

Ursula and Meike arranged for a donor to start a family together. Ursula's unresolved trauma and her jealousy however is causing for some problems.


48 Hours Film Project 2019.

"Thank God we have the Making Of" was made for the 48 Hours Film Project 2019.

Ed wants to make a short film together with Mirja. He hired an experienced film maker. Things don't work the way he anticipated.


HP Masters of short / Cannes film festival 2018.

After a vicious attack, Amber finds a strange, otherworldly device that seems to shift dimensions allowing her to experience lives she only dreamt about.

Script: Rob Hageman.


48 Hours Film Project 2018.

WINNER: Best Film, Actor, Director, Ensemble

In-between worlds following a fatal accident, a young man must resolve and surrender his life issues in front of God or remain forever in limbo.

Script: Jesse Dijksman.


48 Hours Film Project 2017.

WINNER: Best Editing

A breakin in a hospital by a team of doctors who illegally transplant kidneys for the highest bidder. Roald Dahl could have thought this one up.

Script: Jesse Dijksman.


48 Hours Film Project 2014.

Julia Mendez is caught whilst photographing a German training area. Will she withstand the brutal torture or betray her fellow resistance fighters?

Script: Dick van den Heuvel.


"The Entertainment Experience" 2013.

WINNER: International Emmy Award
as part of the Entertainment Experience.

Remco Albrecht, CEO of Albrecht Construct and part-time womanizer, reluctantly celebrates his 65th birthday when his life takes a turn for the worse.

Script: Kim van Koten, Paul Verhoeven, Robert Alberdingk Thijm, Stephan Brenninkmeijer, Fleur Jansen.


"CAGED" Was the first Dutch production that exclusively premiered on VoD.

After years of suppressing her desires, Stella finds she can no longer ignore her deep-rooted longings. Breaking out of her cage and starting a secret double-life.

Script: Stephan Brenninkmeijer.


"LILITH" was planned to be a full feature film.

In the beginning, God created man. Male and Female he created them. They were different but Equal. But Adam doesn't see it that way. Lilith demands equality.

Script: Nathalie Vermin / Stephan Brenninkmeijer.


"THE ITALIAN CONNECTION" In 2007, ProRail completed the 'Betuwe Route', a railroad stretching from the harbor of Rotterdam to the German border.

commisioned by ProRail to give the audience a virtual tour in a 360 degree presentation projected on seven seperate screens.

Script: Henke Lever.


"SWINGERS" a culthit in Germany, Turkye, Brasil and Youtube.

A psychological portrait of relationships and sexual desire. Diana and her husband Julian decide to try swinging for the first time.

Script: Stephan Brenninkmeijer.


"THE SILENCE OF THE SOUL" was a Telefilm for the Dutch EO broadcasting company.

WINNER: ICVM Film Festival Atlanta (GA) USA
Best international Film

Jules Brasschaert, convicted and jailed for a crime he has committed several years ago, is pardoned and a changed man.
Then he meets Susan.

Script: Stephan Brenninkmeijer / Dick van den Heuvel.


"THE RIGHT TO KNOW" was a miniseries / feature film for the Dutch EO broadcasting company.

When Nora finds out that she was adopted when she was three years old, she is suddenly left without the very basis of her existence.

Script: Dick van den Heuvel.


"RERUN" was Brenninkmeijer's graduation film at the Dutch Film Academy.

After studying in America for a number of years, Laurens returns to the Netherlands where he is confronted by Felix, his old friend.

Script: Stephan Brenninkmeijer / Ruud Schuurman.

Photography Portfolio

Being a film director, portrait photography is my quest for the story behind your eyes.
Finding truth, beauty and confidence in a moment... that look.
When we shoot, I'm not running a clock, we will make it fun, create an atmosphere...
Those are the ingredients for a better portrait, a fitting casting photo or a strong professional image.

If you like what you see from this small collection, feel free to contact me and we can negotiate the best price.

Tanya Shpadi

Patrick Vermin

Joep Sertons

Babette Verburg

Alfred Heppener

Azumi Uchitani

About Stephan Brenninkmeijer

Born and raised at the picturesque Medieval Castle of Doorwerth in the Netherlands, Stephan Brenninkmeijer grew up in rural Dutch cities like Oosterbeek and Apeldoorn, before he studied at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam.

After graduating with his short film "Rerun" (1992) his first project was the much acclaimed TV-series "Pleidooi" (1993), which won the Nipkow disc and the Dutch Golden Calf award. As an editor he worked with directors such as the Academy Award® winner Mike van Diem, Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Maarten Treurniet and many others. Both as editor and director he was one of the creative pillars of the successful TV series "Westenwind" (1999).
It won the prestigious Golden Televizier ring award.




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