Isn't it every child's greatest fear? That, one day, you find out that your father and mother are not your real parents at all? Press photographer Nora ten Have is a young, self-reliant woman, who's always believed she's had a happy youth. Until cracks appear in her happy memories.

When she finds out that she was adopted when she was three years old, she is suddenly left without the very basis of her existence. This forces her to start searching: for her history, for what happened in the past.... but most of all, "who am I" and "where did I come from".


  • Director: Stephan Brenninkmeijer
  • Producer: Cees Morsch
  • Executive producer: Gijsbert Littooy
  • Screenplay: Dick van den Heuvel
  • Music: Habbo Beem
  • Cinematography: John Roder

  • Cynthia Abma: Nora ten Have
  • Michael van Buuren: Hans
  • Hidde Maas: Peter Olaf
  • Kees Brusse: Karel ten Have
  • Ellis van den Brink: Jeanne ten Have
  • Leslie de Gruyter: Terlingen
  • Mark Rietman: Felix
  • Margot van Doorn: Joyce
  • Gaston van Erven: Doctor Gorter
  • Jos Geens: Receptionist
  • Margo Dames: Marloes Olaf
  • Sjaan Duinhoven: Heleen Olaf

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